upholstery cleaning melbourne

upholstery cleaning MelbourneUpholstery cleaning Melbourne

We will clean and decorate your upholstered furniture of any type. We took all chances to make the rest of your days be comfortable and very presentable with your beloved chairs and other furnitures. We had been working in years to make your happiest moment when you see the new appearance of your old favorite chair. Your vintage furnitures can be restored to its newest appearance like it was newly bought. If you are bored with its older design, we can make twists to best fit your aspiration.

  • You may want your cushions for trimming to make you more comfortable, we can make adjustments. We have a lot of decoration menu to choose from. Designs and styles menu are always with our skilled worker and they can do it on the spot as you may request.
  • You might have cracked in your wooden chair, we can restore them as part of our add on service. We can stable your wobbly chair. You might want new colors for your chair, we can repaint them and create new cushions to be paired with your desired colors.
  • You might have the uncomfortable feeling after all your regular cleaning method for months, yet your cushions and other upholstery seems it needs deeper cleaning process, our service is open at any time of the day to comfort you.
  • You are in the middle of irritating stained cleaning and you can’t get rid of it as it keeps on appearing after your cleaning process dried up. Your ordinary cleaning method is not for that type of stain removal. You can call us up at any time of the day for more advance and safe cleaning process.

Our service is not limited to the cleaning type company. We opened up our doors for more add on services. We are advancing in every effective cleaning method, and we spend years in creating new looks for upholstery styles and we are still moving forward to discover new approach for fashions. This is our strongest desire to always come up with new looks in order to obtain advantages with our competitors. Upholstery cleaning Melbourne provides  quality service to our valued customer is our way to success.